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The new source of power is not money in the hands of a few, but information in the hands of many.– John Naisbitt


The first 6 months for any entrepreneur is the period of discovery.  You discover a lot about your business, your customers, your industry and even more about yourself. In my period of discovery, I learned a very valuable lesson that I feel was the key factor for the growth and success of my business. I was focused on my product assortment, customer service, and the image of my brand. But I was running my business life on a monthly basis, and without realizing it, I was training my customers to do the same.  I failed to peak their interest, give them a reason to come in weekly or daily.  I didn’t change my windows often enough, my in-store displays changed monthly when I received new merchandise, even my sales and promotions were run on a monthly basis. I was doing what I had learned from working with large department stores,  I failed to take advantage of the fact that – as a small business – I could make changes frequently. I could test the waters, and try new things to attract my customers attention, inform them, inspire them, engage them, humor talk 6

Change is opportunity.  Apple changed the way we communicate,  Google changed the way we find information. Social media – Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Tumbler, You Tube, – has made massive changes to our daily lives.  All of these changes have had a major impact on retail.  According to Sprout Social 74% of consumers use social media to make buying decisions, and while I read articles filled with fear and dismay predicting death and distinction for brick and mortar retail, I couldn’t disagree more.  Conscious living is moving from a trend, to a way of life.  The new generation of consumers labeled Millennials are interested in the process, and not just the end result. Retail therapy is alive and well.  

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Social media is connecting people from all over the globe as they share life experiences, and make emotional connections. Ecommerce and the convenience of mobile shopping is an opportunity for increased sales, a farther reach, and faster growth. There is a tremendous amount of new information, statistics, and marketing tactics that have emerged from these changes, giving us valuable insight into consumer interests, emotions, and buying habits.  Information that in the past, was gathered through focus groups, reports, and data provided by expensive marketing firms affordable to only large department stores, is now available virtually for FREE. Existing brick & mortar stores have an opportunity to take advantage of the physical, psychological and emotional triggers that have been identified by online marketers, giving them an even greater advantage. What they have found is that the most powerful way to grow your business today is through Visual Content.  We are living in a very visual world. Social media has opened the door to communicating through images.  Business Insider  reports that we are uploading over 1.8 billion images every day! Here’s why visuals are so Powerful.

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The brain processes visual content faster than any other form, and a single image can affect more senses and send a more powerful message than any other action a brand can use to target their customer. Our brains decode visual information 60,000 times faster than text, which is why compelling visuals and graphics generate 94% more views.create connect convince inforgraphic human learning

Visual content is driving sales.  Hubspot reports that 70% of marketers plan to increase their use of original visual assets this year alone.  Through Visual Storytelling, you can make emotional connections with your customers and send powerful, engaging messages about your brand.   Take a look at how you can start increasing sales immediately from just a few things that we have learned from Pinterest alone.

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