How To Use Visual Marketing To Grow Your Business

Learn what Visual Marketing is and How You Can Use it to Build A Successful Brand

Imagine how amazing it would be if you could wave a magic wand and instantly change your store or website into a marketing powerhouse. How incredible would it feel if with just one flick of your wrist, your space was transformed into an attention grabbing, interest raising, desire driven story that tugged at both the heart and the purse strings of your customer?puppy black & white heartwarming

As far as technology has come, we have yet to develop that ability. However there are tools that you can use to achieve these exact results. I say tools because if you are truly looking to build a powerhouse brand, it will take more than just one. But, with a focused effort, you can really construct an emotionally driven experience for your customer that has them coming back again and again. How can you do it? With Visual marketing .

Understanding the ability to communicate, motivate, and persuade your customer by creating a shopping experience that is enjoyable, informative, and personally gratifying is the real key to building a strong brand.

Visual marketing is the practice of using visual media – pictures, videos, gif’s, info- graphics, – to persuade and connect with your audience. Over the past few years, it has become the single most important focus of a business marketing plan, based on the popularity of social media which is driven primarily by pictures and image sharing. Abstract visual social media

From a retail standpoint, using visual marketing can be compared to merchandising – which is the practice of displaying products in a way that stimulates interest, and entices a customer to make a purchase. With visual marketing you use images to enhance your message, attract attention, and persuade your viewer to take action. However, unlike merchandising, you are not limited to strictly selling. You can use visual marketing to create a mood, give information, increase trust, define your brand/business culture, communicate value, and so much more.

How can Visual Marketing do all that?

  • Scientifically, it has been found that humans are wired to learn and understand faster through visual stimulation. We process and retain information better when it is presented visually .
  • Statistics have proven that visual content gets viewed more, liked more, and shared more on social media.
  • The interests of today’s consumer are heavily focused on visual stimulation- being inspired by them, pinning them, producing them (selfies) and sharing them.

In order to grow as a business you want to understand who your customer is, what their interests are, and where they “hang out” so you can reach them and connect. Your mission is to show them that you have something to offer that brings value to them, is interesting, or will benefit their lives in some way. According to Wikipedia: “Harnessing the power of images and visuals can make a marketing plan more powerful and more memorable. Images — when done deftly – can turn concepts and intangible things into something more concrete influencing the perception of the intended viewer. That helps people envision a brand and its message in their mind’s eye — and remember it when it comes time to buy.”

How Can You Use Visual Marketing to Grow Your Brand?

I refer to it as the 5E’s.

Entice – Attract attention, create interest or peak their curiosity.

Educate – Provide information about your brand, your product, your industry, or you as an experienced authority who can provide value to them.

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Entertain – Positive emotions are proven to be the most sales driven, and humor is the most shared positive emotion on social media. You can create a mood, tap into nostalgia, or tickle their funny bone.

Enhance – Describe the benefits of your products or brand. Express the feeling people will get and the benefits.

Engage – Show people that you “get them” you understand their needs, wants, likes, values, fears, and most importantly their desires.


pure natural organic create connect convinceThe 5E’s when used consistently with your brands image, will make connections that get people to interact and remain loyal.

In my experience as an entrepreneur whose success was driven in large part by the visual aspects of my business, I define it as-

  When you view all of the visual components of your business as one big story, it will guide you into creating a visual presentation that is interesting, recognizable and memorable for your customer.

This resource is a great place to get information and inspiration to help you create your own successfully engaging visual marketing plan.

Once you have defined your goal, you want to put to use all of the tools that will help you achieve that goal. Visual Marketing is one of those tools, and when done right, it can be the single most important attribute to your success.

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